Picture Sets

One picture is worth a thousand words, yet there are 12 in each of our sets, and they cost only 14 bucks!

Picture sets include:

-12 black-and-white photos on page-size card stock, except half in color where noted
-Discussion starters in large print
-Cover sheet with questions and tips

African American Lives

"An especially nice touch (in the Remembering African American Lives kit) is the inclusion of 12 photographs which can be used as themes for the months of the year. Some of the shots are of famous events like civil rights protests, and others are of more mundane things like a Valentine's Day dance. All are compelling and worthwhile."  (School Library Journal, April 1999)  

AA637 $14


12 photographs of fairs across the country in the 30's and the 40's. See the merry-go-round at the Charro Days Fiesta in Brownsville, Texas; a new corn picker at the Iowa State Fair; a pie-eating contest in Kansas; and nine more. 

CF637 $14

Family Doctor

One doctor's day in a small city in the 40's is a great way to prompt discussion of how health care has changed. 11 black & white photographs include a look at a late-night house call. 

DR637 $14

Fifties Fads & Fashions

Twelve large-format historical photos with questions to prompt memories of weddings, vacations, television, games, hula hoops, and Tupperware parties.  

FI637 $14


Now here are some images you can sink your teeth into! Talk about everything from lemonade to picnics to airplane meals. For dessert, enjoy the large-print story included in the guide. How sweet it is!

EAT637 $14

Fourth of July - NEW!

A glorious opportunity to discuss patriotism—and summertime! Parades, speeches, fireworks, rides, games, food and more. Half of this set is IN COLOR (mostly, red, white and blue!)

FJ637 $14

Home Work

Prompt memories of housework, yardwork, and homework with these 12 photos. Who doesn't have an opinion about who should perform which household tasks?

HM637 $14

Labor Day

Parade-watchers and marchers, union activities, Labor Day festivities, travelers, beauty queen contestants, and going back to work.  Twelve large-format historical photos with questions to prompt memories.  

LD637 $14

Memorial Day

This picture set offers twelve historical photos that focus on three themes: "Memorial Day, Anywhere, USA;" "During World War II;" and "At the Arlington National Cemetery."  

MD637 $14

Midwestern Farming

Mending fence, gathering eggs, picking apples, feeding baby goats, collecting the mail, carrying lunch to the threshing crew. These activities and six more in this set of 12 photos. 

FD627 $14


Paws for pictures of the cats and dogs that you expect, plus a horse, a rabbit, and a bowl of goldfish. 12 photos. 

PT637 $14

The Sixties 1: For Better and Worse

The twelve photos in the picture set will prompt discussion of big news (Freedom Rides, JFK assassination, Vietnam War, and the Moon Landing) and of everyday lives (women working, food, fashions, health and a soapbox derby in the neighborhood).

SX637 $14

The Sixties 2: Scene in the Sixties - NEW!

Television became a political force in the sixties. Revisit a dozen scenes of presidential debates, Jackie's White House Tour, the Kennedy assassination weekend, the war, LBJ, the fight for civil rights, the space program, and more. And, as in the sixties, HALF OF THE SCENES ARE IN COLOR!

SX638 $14


Washing the car, mowing the lawn, walking in the rain, climbing trees and jungle gyms, playing baseball, a spring tea, a fashion show, and more.  Twelve large-format historical photos with questions to prompt memories.    

SP637 $14