Frequently Asked Questions
How are your shipping charges figured?

Shipping is 3% of the total of the materials you are ordering, no matter the size of your order. When you add an item to your cart, that 3% is automatically added to the item price. Our $7 packing fee is added at the completion of your order. The charge is to cover the cost of our daily UPS pickup and shipping supplies.

What about shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, or foreign addresses?

Our usual shipping charge does not cover these higher shipping expenses. Please contact us by email so that we can make arrangements for shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, or foreign addresses.

How long will it take to ship my order?

We are transitioning to having our orders filled by another small company. So far wait times have been longer than we would like. If you need something by a particular day, we will try to help. Please let us know.

What are your hours?

These are very variable! Lynne has so far been a spectacular failure at retirement and you might reach her by phone at almost any hour of any day. On the other hand, she’s getting better at leaving town for short fun trips. If you’d like to be in touch with Lynne, it’s probably best to email:

What's the most popular kit? What kit(s) should I choose?

The kit topics have been purchased remarkably evenly. Lynne would be happy to talk with you about your particular situation. Generally speaking, Remembering African American Lives is great for any group interested in preserving community history. When we are asked for a kit especially for any particular ethnic or religious group, we suggest that they use the media presentation "Aunt Shirley's Trunk" from this kit with their group. As Ms. Shirley Page is retiring from teaching and moving to a smaller apartment, she packs her trunk with the things she has saved from childhood, school days, church, and her teaching career. As she puts each item in her trunk, she talks about why it is important to her and she shares the memories associated with it. After your group has viewed this program, you might encourage them to bring in an item to "pack up your own group's trunk." This can be something you video or photograph for a scrapbook or a photo exhibit. Stories could be recorded to go along with a book or an exhibit. This could serve as your own discussion-starter for your next program.

Remembering Pets is universally popular, especially if someone brings a mellow pet to the program. This DVD reminds viewers, "The pain of losing a pet is never greater than the joy of having had one."

The Home Front (World War II) and The Fifties are great for use in schools, for family or class reunions, for family anniversaries or birthday parties. Speaking of birthday parties,

Remembering Birthdays encourages viewers to look at birthdays as an annual opportunity to celebrate years past and to make plans to fulfill goals in the year ahead. It offers a very positive image of aging.

Remembering Automobiles is an obvious choice for your men's groups, although we've been surprised by stories of women who had to sneak out of the house to learn to drive back in the day. And those men's groups have been considered in our DVD from Remembering the Fashion. Men's clothing choices, their ideas about hair (including facial hair), and how they feel about fashion in general can usually prompt more discussion than you would expect.

The Remembering Summertime DVD, "Summer Is," is very warming. The perfect choice for a chilly and gray—or cold and snowy!—day.

I (Lynne) could go on and on, and if you contact me, I will.