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A Laugh & A Half

45 skits in large print, each designed to prompt memories, discussion and fun. They are short and humorous, designed for those who really will do almost anything for a laugh! Scripts are ready to photocopy and use. Now each actor can keep a script as a souvenir! Production notes on sets, props, and presentation techniques for each skit. Three-hole punched, in a binder.  (Note: Includes 20 skits from Almost Anything for a Laugh, 10 from Laugh, Too, plus 15 more! Updated in 2004.)

Click here for a sample: Script and Production Notes.

SK399 $30 


First Writes

It's easier to finish a sentence than to answer a question. That's why this collection of sentence starts on 40 topics is guaranteed to prompt memories and discussion. Choose a topic, make a photocopy, and start a book or folder for as many older adults as you want. All in large print. Use with individuals or groups.
By Margaret Gulsvig
134 pages in 3-ring binder

BK276 $30

More Writes and Visits

Sentence starts on forty more topics to intrigue and delight. Great for visitors of any age, family members or volunteers. See for yourself how fun and easy these are to use! 
By Margaret Gulsvig
96 pages in 3-ring binder

BK286 $25


24 Food Programs in Good Taste

A pair of programs a month for a whole year of programs. Topics are linked to annual events. For each program there's a mouth-watering presentation, appetizing discussion questions, tempting activities and resources, and a delicious large-print taste-tested recipe. 104 pages in 3-ring binder.

BK324 $24


Birthdays 5-a-Day

from Remembering Birthdays

Five people who share a birthday for each day of the year. Look up your own special day, and those of your group members. How are you like those who share your birthday? How are you different? Includes lots of suggestions for how to have fun with this book.  Spiral-bound, 80 pages.

BD646 $15


Selections from Morning Chores
and Other Times Remembered

from Remembering Farm Days

Twenty wonderful and nostalgic poems about growing up on an Iowa farm in the 30's.  By Hadley Read.

FD628 $10