Slideas DVDs

Short DVDs to bring back memories–

Each disc includes two options:

A narrated slide program with automatic advance


A manual slide show option to use with the printed narration and/or discussion questions

Each disc comes with a printed guide including program ideas and resources.

Just $30 per topic!

Prefer slide format? These topics are also available as Slideas Slide Sets.

Bring back memories of:

The Joy of Food DVD

Stir up memories with our recipe for a great program: use this DVD, sprinkle with questions from the guide, and add your own group. Serves everyone.

SL821 $30

New Year DVD

Guy Lombardo, Holiday Inn and cultural celebrations that occur on various dates. "Every day is the first day of the rest of your life."

SL881 $30

St. Patrick's Day DVD

See a historical magazine cover, greeting card, parade shots, the opening of the Shamrock hotel, a postage stamp honoring Irish Immigration, the Empire State Building lit up in green, the Chicago River running green, even good old Saint Patrick himself.

SL883 $30

Easter DVD

Easter is about gathering together with families and friends, feasting, exchanging cards, eggs and baskets, rebirth, and welcoming spring into the house and garden. So is this DVD.

SL882 $30

Arbor Day/Trees DVD

Originally designed to celebrate Tree Planting Day, here is an orchard-full of program topics for any time of the year.

SL862 $30

Mothers DVD

Thoughts ranging from "All mothers are working women" to "Mothers do not die because they live in the hearts of their children." Talk about the women who helped raise children, whether they were related or not.

SL812 $30

Memorial Day DVD

A Russian proverb goes, "We live as long as we are remembered." Use this set to talk about those who will live forever.

SL892 $30

Fathers DVD

A man with seven children is usually more satisfied than a man with a million dollars. The father of seven doesn't want any more. Agree or disagree? Talk about TV dads, which one would be the best and why.

SL842 $30

Fourth of July DVD

A glorious opportunity to talk about patriotism and summertime.

SL863 $30

Labor Day DVD

Yes, you'll see a few Labor Day parades here, but this set is much more than that. It's a chance to celebrate American workers and the work they have done.

SL893 $30

Halloween DVD

The trick is to celebrate the memories while avoiding sugar highs among the group.

SL864 $30

Thanksgiving DVD

Turkey and stuffing and pie and other traditions associated with the fourth Thursday in November.

SL874 $30