Close-Out Inventory available until November 15 -Kits, mini-kits, replacement kit parts, and actiphiles - Picture sets, books, DVDs, CDs, and DVD/CD Guides will continue to be available through this website

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Thank you for 39 years of encouraging creative reminiscence in groups of older adults and the exchange of experiences in intergenerational groups.

Please let us know what we can do to help you between now and the end of the year. Order DVDs and CDs with free public performance and duplication rights (extended to all discs you have ever purchased from Bi-Folkal.) Ask us about replacement pieces you would like that we may still have. Request samples of Actiphile pages for your workshops with local activity programmers.

Farewell for now! Cofounder Kathryn Leide and inventory and invoice manager Jim Leide join me in wishing happy trails to you until we meet again. (Keep smilin' until then.)

- Lynne Martin Erickson


We design program materials for remembering and sharing.

The folk tradition of handing down stories is at the center of our work. That’s why the word “folk” is at the center of our name. But our materials have two focuses—remembering and sharing. And that's why our name sounds like "bifocal," the lenses that have two focuses, too.

And it has been since 1976. Read more about Bi-Folkal.

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Our friends performing "The Physical"
from our book of skits.